UBTECH Introduces New Line of STEM-Friendly Jimu Robots for Kids

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LOS ANGELES, Calif­. – November 2, 2016 – UBTECH Robotics, the company that created the cutting-edge Alpha Series of humanoid robots, today introduced a new line of STEM-friendly Jimu Robots for kids and teens. The company has signed Jimu distribution deals placing its Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit, Explorer Kit and Inventor Kit in select retailers including Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target, Fry’s Electronics, and Amazon.com ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Additionally, UBTECH’s Meebot robot is available exclusively at Apple Stores.

UBTECH’s Jimu Robot is an interactive robotic building block system that lets kids easily Build, Program and Share their robot creations:

  • Build your robot with directed play for specific, pre-designed robots and open-ended play to create whatever you can imagine.
  • Program your robot’s movements with pre-set movements and controls to play with immediately, or easily program it with the Jimu Robot App to make it move however you like.
  • Share your robot creations with Jimu’s online global community.

“Jimu Robots are a win-win for kids and parents alike,” said John Rhee, General Manager, North America, UBTECH. “Kids love Jimu because the robots are fun to build and control; parents love Jimu because their children are not only developing valuable STEM skills as they build, program and code, but are also challenged to use and stretch their imaginations as they design their own creations. Jimu truly is that rare holiday gift that bridges the gap between learning and pure fun.”

In addition to the Meebot Kit, UBTECH’s available line of Jimu Robot Kits include:

  • Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit (MSRP $149.99) – Comes with everything needed to build the Buzzbot or Muttbot robots including six smooth motion robotic servo motors and 271 snap-together interlocking parts and connectors.
  • Explorer Kit (MSRP $199.99) – Comes with everything needed to build five models including a baby, parrot, penguin, T-Rex, and walrus. The kit includes seven smooth motion robotic servo motors and 372 snap-together interlocking parts and connectors.
  • Inventor Kit (MSRP $399.99) – Comes with everything needed to build six models including an elephant, giraffe, humanoid, mantis, rhino, and wolf. The kit includes sixteen smooth motion robotic servo motors and 675 snap-together interlocking parts and connectors.

All Jimu kits include a main control box and a lithium ion battery & adapter and feature:

  • Interchangeable Parts – All Jimu Robot parts are interchangeable with other Jimu sets, so after building the official models, you can create your own inventions by mixing with parts from any other set.
  • Servo Motors – The key to the Jimu Robots’ amazingly lifelike movements is the high-torque robotic servo motor, allowing for fluidity and stability when moving from one pose to another.
  • Jimu Robot App – The free app provides easy-to-follow 3D-illustrated building instructions, pre-programmed actions, Pose-Record-Play and direct-servo programming, Blockly coding to sequence your actions, and an in-App “Joystick” remote to control your Jimu Robot in real time on your smart device. The app also serves as a portal to a closed online community of Jimu enthusiasts.

Jimu Robots were designed to enrich children’s lives and are appropriate for children over 8, and are especially strong for boys and girls 9-14. Jimu Robots were built from the ground up to specifically meet the needs of STEM curriculum:

  • Science (physics, electronics)
  • Technology (advanced motors, sensors)
  • Engineering (building &creating, software-hardware interface)
  • Math (geometry, balance and programming)


About UBTECH Robotics:
Established to provide cutting-edge technical solutions, UBTECH Robotics is a highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider. The company is best known globally as the industry leader in humanoid robotics like the Alpha 1S. With its world-class robots that are interactive and enjoyable for the entire family, UBTECH Robotics allows you step away from traditional play and into a world where robots are our friends. For additional information about the company, follow UBTECH ROBOTICS on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and at www.ubtrobot.com.

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